WhatsApp’s New Feature ‘Reply Privately’ in Group Chat

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One of the popular app in Google play store is going to roll out a new feature in it coming release. Now user will be able to reply the messages in Whatsapp groups privately. Which means you don’t have to go to new chat with the user, you can simple tap on the selected user message and will have the option to reply in private.

Whats is one of the most downloaded app in the google play store and every time it has a new update people gets excited and want to know what’s coming new for them. This private group chat in Whatsapp is available in the beta version yet.

Time Saving Feature of WhatsApp

We can consider this feature as a time savor for the Whatsapp users as he/she don’t have to go to private chat box for the user to which he/she wants to chat separately on under discussion topic. Following are the steps to use this feature when it is available for everyone.

  1. Tap on specific message in Whatsapp group chat
  2.  Click on 3 dots on upper right corner of Whatsapp application
  3. Choose “Reply Privately” from the options
  4. New chat window will be opened for that specific user

So follow the above listed steps and get your job done in easiest possible way.

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