What’s the NEW UPDATE on WhatsApp? Why everyone is leaving Platform?

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WhatsApp is going to introduce something weird in the coming year, This new feature of WhatsApp is making people leave the company. In the previous few weeks three of the main members left the company and the reason behind their resignation was this “NEW UPDATE”. WhatsApp is going to introduce the “Targeted Ads” for its users in the coming year and the Ads will be shown between the Status updates in the Status Tab.

WABetaInfo tweeted earlier and created a poll for the WhatsApp user and a question was asked. Will you continue to use WhatsApp after activation of the Ads Feature?

The results are showing 60% people were agree to use the WhatsApp but 40% were not happy and they are going to move to some other messaging platform. This will be a big loss for the company because losing 40% of its users at once is really a big deal.

When WhatsApp introduced the Status Feature it was a great fun for the users because they were able to show their daily moments like Videos, Images, Gifs etc. But by the time this fun feature is making things complex. No one wants to see Ads during the “Status Updates”. WhatsApp ads feature actually started from the Instagram Story ads. there are 400 million people using Instagram Stories and there are 450 million WhatsApp Status users around the world. So it’s quite an amount for showing the Ads and getting the benefit.

What’s the Benefit of WhatsApp Ads?

WhatsApp Ads feature allow you to directly contact with the companies. You can use WhatsApp ads to get the services form different companies around the world. Also you can contact companies for the customer support but this will not be free people will pay some amount for contacting and this amount will vary according to the countries.

Along with these benefits there are drawbacks because not everyone wants some service online so it will be hard for these users to use the WhatsApp after this update.

Founder Brian Acto said the new feature of the WhatsApp is one of the reason he left the Company, He also said the Targeted ads make me unhappy. While Neeraj Arora said he is taking some time off and wants to spend time with his family.

What’s the next preference after leaving WhatsApp?

People wants to leave WhatsApp for its new feature and moving towards the more secure and simple platforms like Signal , Viber etc and these platforms don’t contain any annoying Ads feature yet.

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