Fix android device manager location unavailable error

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Android device manger is a very handy feature in Android Smartphones. But it got very depressing when when you get some errors related to android device manager like android device manager location unavailable, device manager not working etc.

So before going into details I let me explain a bit about the device manager by Android.

What is Android Device Manager?

Well, this a very useful feature which keeps your android device safe and sound. Yeah this feature helps you when your device is stolen, lost or even can help you to find it if you lost it in your home somewhere. There are three  options available when you use this feature.

Android Device Manager location unavailable error
Android Device Manager location unavailable error

1. Play Sound on Android Device

Your device will ring for 5 minutes even when it is on vibration or in silent mode.

2. Lock your Android Device

If you already have password set for your android device, then it will automatically locked. But if you didn’t set any password before, it will prompt you to set now and also display a message on screen with your phone number to contact back to you. You can use this feature of android device manager unlock phone as well.

3. Erase all data from your Android device

It will erase all the data from your android device and you’ll also not be able to locate it afterwards because everything will be removed from your device.

Possible Fixes for android device manager location unavailable error

So these were some of the most useful features of android device manager. If you still having the android device manager location unavailable error, then you might want to try the following methods.

These methods are very easy to follow and worked for many people all over the globe. As they worked fine for me and hopefully you might get your error solved. So let’s go through these FIXES before going into much details.

Solution#1 Android device manager essentials

You will only be able to use android device manager feature if you already did the following things. You might be missing one of the following options those are the reason for android device manager location unavailable problem.

Activated Find My Device Feature in your android device

You can activate it by navigating to Settings > Security > Device Administrators > Find My Device > Activate

Activate Android Device Manager
Activate Android Device Manager

Mobile data or WiFi is turned on to solve location unavailable issue

You can turn on WiFi by going to Settings > WiFi and connect to any WiFi with correct password.

Your GPS location should be turned on for accurate location detection

You can turn on location settings by navigating to Settings > Location and turn it on from toggle button and set it to high accuracy.

Solution#2 Update Google Play Services

You might be getting this error if you have outdated version of google play services on your android device. You have to update google play services for android device manger to work properly.

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After you have updated the google play services, then restart your device. When your device is restated successfully, then go to Settings > Apps > All Apps > Google Play Services and clear data and cache.

Now go to android device manager and try to reactivate it and check it whether it is working or not. Hopefully it will be working fine and you’ve solved your error of android device manager location unavailable. If you are wondering about android device manager for PC or android device manager mac solution, I might discuss it in some other tutorial.

Watch this video demonstration for solving your problem

Final Thoughts

Well, I tried my best to provide you best possible solution for your error. But if something is missing then do suggest it in the comment section below. And if you have solved your location unavailable problem then don’t forget to share your experience in comment below so that it will help other to quickly solve their error as well. If you have some other solution to discuss, you’re very welcome to share it here.


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  1. Hi,

    When I do a security check and sign in on my LG android google account and it lists who or what apps have been connected to my device as well as my location when I changed passwords ,etc. The Big issue is that it’s not my location. When I change my password or back up account whatever I do it states my activity but at a different location 5 hrs and 30 minutes away. Then I click on the map where this location is and a different name comes up .Plus pictures and videos of people ,places that are not mine property. I really need someone’s help with this.Thanks.

    1. Well this mostly happens when you’re running any VPN on you device, which fakes you current location to some other location for anonymity on Internet. So you might wanna see if you’ve enabled any vpn service on your Android device.


  2. David

    I looked up vpn and I understand the method behind this, now. It’s for security safety among other security for the user. As well as different IP address across the country than the actually IP address of the users location. The VPN is protecting the user from the hacker,etc. Okay, I am always learning with technology and the in and outs. I will say it’s nerve racking and very unsettling. Thanks for your help.Hoping you have the greatest of Holidays.


  3. David,

    I am thinking you can become my technology mentor. I do have several more guestions regarding developer options,which I activated. I have taught myself several solutions with my smartphone. I have looked up many websites regarding past technology android issues. Just has I found this site and you have quided me with the previous issue. It would be really great if You could be my technology mentor.


  4. hi
    i lost my phone and it had last seen on screen when locating it. Now its says device not found…not even the last seen? i chose to delete all said it had sent the request does that mean as soon as/if the device is turned on it will all delete automatically?

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